Activities for schools and groups

Here we present to you the “School on the farm”, designed to bring the young generations closer to the agricultural world, its history, its traditions, its multiple functions aiming at improving the quality of life. The Masseria Sant’Angelo is an educational farm registered with the PUGLIA REGION.
Below you find our program. For information contact us by e-mail or by phone: 0836 320 575 / 338 97 93 329

Individual activities

As individual didactic activities we propose the following:

  • visit of the farm
  • visit of the open-air museum, the Stone Park
  • Salento cooking class (during the summer season or for groups)
  • Participation in milking and animal government
  • activities with horses for children, route “Horse emotion”
  • participation in cultural evenings (follow us on Facebook)

It is in the nature of things that during a longer holiday with us there will be various situations inviting you to participate, daily or periodical matters that do not involve extra costs.

If you are interested in the other listed activities, we suggest to contact us to check availability and any related costs.

Horse activities are primarily planned for our holiday guests and are not possible all year round. Please refer to the interest in the question. For safety reasons, there is a minimum age for children (6-7 years) and a maximum weight of 75 kg for everybody. Here and there, there may be exceptions depending on how I (Ulla) see the situation.

Contact us for more information: Phone 0039 388 366 9999 (Ulla).

Stone Park – An open-air museum

A journey to rediscover the ancient link between man and stone, this faithful companion who has always been close to us over the centuries, has given us monuments to pray, shelter, tools and artifacts.

In the park you can admire dolmen, menhir,  artifacts of various kinds and paiari, almost all original, to rediscover their primordial function.

The individual works are explained in the captions in four languages: Italian, grico, German and English. There are guided tours for schools and other interested groups, for groups of foreigners also in the various languages.

The dovecote is a typical construction of the rural landscape of Salento. It was used for the breeding of doves. We l’built recently to enrich our museum. Walking through Salento, in the countryside of Maglie or Carpignano Salentino you can also see the ancient buildings.